Ball Valve


We are the noble ball valve manufacturer in Bangalore. We have a huge range of industrial valves to fulfill your requirement for Ball valve in Bangalore. Ball valves, which are the most common industrial valves, have been covered in almost all their forms and variations. Pneumatic ball valves and manual ball valves are both available. In addition to UPVC ball valves and high-pressure ball valves, we manufacture lined ball valves, as well as multi-way ball valves such as three-way ball valves, four-way ball valves, and five-way ball valves.

Our products are manufactured with only the highest quality materials, ensuring the quality of our products. Our product’s quality has made us one of the most preferred ball valve suppliers in Bangalore and the goal of our company is to manufacture all valves according to customer specifications.

Unlike most manufacturers, Aira Valve Automation Engineers pledges to test products to their fullest potential to ensure error-free operation and design. API 6D and PED have approved our ball valve. To ensure that our customers are satisfied, we accept third-party inspections. We deliver the product once it has met all requirements.

Controlling the fluid flow is the primary function of ball valves. The types of settings in which they are used depending on whether they are manually or motorized. Fluids, gases, and suspended solids are generally carried through these pipes. The most common use of ball valves is to transport fluids, such as in mining, oil and gas production, agriculture, and water treatment.