Pneumatic Control Valve


Aira Valve Automation Engineers is a leading Control Valve manufacturer in Bangalore. Different types and sizes of control valves are available for different applications and use. Our customers have been satisfied with the quality of our service since 1990. We manufacture valves and have obtained ATEX certifications because our customers trust us. Due to this, we become the leading control valve supplier in Bangalore.

At our company, valve engineers work diligently to ensure industries and workers utilize safe and secure valves. We achieve high levels of customer satisfaction due to the graded materials we use. Depending on the specifications of the customer, we can tailor our valves in terms of material and temperature rating. Temperatures above and below freezing are not a problem for the valves, and they can withstand such conditions. We customize our valves in accordance with our customer’s specifications in order to meet their needs.

Special inspection departments are responsible for examining products for any defects and correcting them if necessary. Every product is subjected to quality testing before delivery. At our company, customers are welcome to conduct third-party inspections (TPIs). With our after-sales service, we assure our customers that our products are the best available. So we are here to provide the best quality Control Valve in Bangalore.

Our company manufactures valves for a wide range of industrial plants, such as refineries, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, steel mills, etc.

Control valves regulate fluid flow, which is controlled by controllers. Valve actuators are typically operated by electricity, hydraulics, or pneumatics. In pneumatic actuator control valves, the air compressor is all that’s needed to operate the valves. They’re simple and low-maintenance.